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OAKtober Resources

 The resources below can be used to spread information about Illinois's oaks and oak ecosystems and their management needs.

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Official OAKtober logo, Chicago Region Trees Initiative - For high resolution logos, check here or email Melissa at


Official OAKtober flyer templates, Chicago Region Trees Initiaitve - Contact Melissa at for editable word version. There are two versions for your convenience- one with space for pictures and one without space for pictures.


Acorn Collection and Sorting videos, Iowa State University

      Acorn Collection for Later Planting- How to collect acorns for future tree plantings

      Wind sorting- How to separate acorns from leaves, sticks, hulls inadvertently collected during the collection stage

      Float test- How to separate viable/good acorns from bad acorns to facilitate storage and planting


Best Management Practices: Oak Ecosystem Restoration, Regeneration, and Maintenance, Chicago Region Trees Initiative- This guide has been developed to assist you, the private landowner, to preserve and manage native oak woodlands, conserve wildlife habitat, and protect nature and the different plants and animals which are unique to oak ecosystems.


Oaks Need Your Help!, Chicago Region Trees Initiative - A brochure that shares how homeowners, landowners, and individuals can create a better future for oak trees


Oaks Need Your Help!, Chicago Region Trees Initiative - An editable PowerPoint presentation that shares what challenges are being face by oak ecosystems and what can be done to help. PDF version


Basic Growing Requirements for your Oak Trees, The Land Conservancy of McHenry County - Oak Care For Homeowners


Common Oaks of the Chicago Region, The Field Museum - Rapid color guide of the Chicago Region's oaks


How to Grow an Oak Tree from an AcornRiverwoods Preservation Council Growing your own oak trees from acorns is easy and is a great way to produce strong, healthy specimens to add back into your garden. It also provides children with a great opportunity to learn about a tree's life cycle, and the role that they can play in enabling this natural cycle. This activity is an ideal one to begin in the early fall.


Life in an Oak, Habitat Network - In this beautiful poster, the Habitat Network selected a handful of species that represent a diversity of ecoregions from coast-to-coast to illustrate the critical roles of the oak in our ecosystems. 


Oak Ecosystem Recovery Plan, Chicago Wilderness - Chicago Wilderness is leading a coordinated recovery effort to preserve, restore, and expand oak ecosystems across the region. This plan outlines regional goals to preserve, restore, and expand oak ecosystems across the region. Oak Ecosystem Recovery Plan Executive Summary


Oak Keeper Project , The Land Conservancy of McHenry County - The vast majority (84%) of the county's remaining oaks are on private land. If these trees are going to continue to be a significant part of the landscape, maintaining them on private land will be essential. To learn more about the privately owned oaks, volunteers are trained as Oak Keepers.


Oak Trees of Riverwoods, Riverwoods Preservation Council - Did you know that there are over 400 species of oaks? This information page provides details on the species commonly found in the Chicago Region.


Project Quercus, The Land Conservancy of McHenry CountyThe Land Conservancy founded Project Quercus to explore options to protect, preserve and regenerate the oak woods. Project Quercus is a diverse coalition that brings together public and private, government, corporate and non-profit interests, working collaboratively to create solutions to the problem of oak woodland loss.


Woodland Stewardship ProgramThe Morton Arboretum - an in-depth training and certification program in natural areas restoration.  You’ll gain the knowledge and practical experience necessary to care for our natural areas, including woodlands, prairies, wetlands, and other habitats of the Chicago region.


The Oaks of McHenry County, McHenry County Community Foundation - Documentary on Oak history and conservation


The Oaks of McHenry County, McHenry County Conservation DistrictOverview of Oak loss and distribution in McHenry County


Oak Ecosystem Research Needs, Chicago Region Trees Initiaitve - Results from a survey of Midwest land managers on what oak ecosystem research would improve their management efforts.


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