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CRTI Urban Forest Management Survey

The Chicago Region Trees Initiative reaches out every two years to municipalities, park districts, and other land managers with a survey to determine the operational capacity of the Chicago Region– that is, how able are public land managers of maintaining and improving their portions of the urban forest?
Survey questions addressed the following for the urban forest in each organization: 
1. financial and technical resources available for tree management;
2. current policies and strategies;
3. pressing needs in their urban forests; 
4. level of oversight required on tree planting and care; 
5. level of assistance in management provided to private property owners; and
6. species selections through restrictions or preference lists. 
Participate in the 2019 survey here.
The 2014 survey helped us establish a baseline understanding of the challenges, limitations, and realties faced by public land managers. They also informed the direction of Chicago Region Trees Initiative and many of the projects, including our tree preservation ordinance templates, our Urban Forestry Basic Training course, and our Tree Risk ToolkitThe survey will be sent out every five years to track progress in our region's capacity to care for our trees.