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Tree Risk Toolkit

How to Use our Tree Risk Toolkit

The CRTI Tree Risk Toolkit was developed by forestry professionals in the Chicago Region to help public land managers reduce risk from trees by establishing better and more efficient forestry practices.


    Trees - Your Community's Best Investment from The Morton Arboretum on Vimeo.


    The Tree Risk Toolkit includes the following to help you run a more efficient and safe forestry program in your community:


    1. Trees: Your Community’s Best Investment video. This 4 minute video can be shared with your elected officials to bring to their attention the need and benefits of tree risk management.
    2. Introduction letters for municipal and park district staff, residents, and elected officials with explanation of how to use the CRTI Tree Risk Toolkit
    3. Managing Tree Risk to Reduce Costs handout. This resource is designed to accompany the video described above, with key points identified to help you remember the take-aways during subsequent conversations.
    4. Reduce your risk and your costs. This page walks land managers through steps that can be taken to reduce risks from trees and reduce costs.


    We hope these pieces will be helpful for you as you improve your forestry program. Fill out this survey to let us know how you have used these pieces or how we can improve the toolkit!