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Community Tree Network: A forestry mentor network that helps communities with limited training resources and opportunities connect to experienced and well-educated foresters through quarterly meetings where public and private arborists learn about urban forestry management topics from peers and share professional experiences. Previous topics include Managing Tree Risk, Approaches to Tree Planting Programs, and Grant Writing for Tree Planting.


Urban Forestry Basic Training: Full day training on tree selection, planting, and care for non-arborists and individuals who work with trees- and have the opportunity to affect the health of trees. Urban Forestry Basic Trainings are held twice per year in English at changing locations around the region. Efforts are underway to coordinate a Spanish-language training opportunity.


Annual Partner Recognition Celebration: Chicago Region Trees Initiative partners come together annually to recognize achievements with Urban Forestry Awards, share our successes of the past year, plan for the coming year, and celebrate our partnerships. Support of this event allows us to reward grassroots and region-wide efforts that help grow and support the urban forest.