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How Businesses Can Make an Impact

Corporations can be a driving force in developing a greener, healthier, more equitable Chicago region by working with CRTI to support established high-impact projects, such as tree plantings, woodland ecosystem restorations, and park rehabilitations, or developing new projects to meet specific needs. 

Through its network of 200 partner organizations, CRTI leverages synergies and orchestrates projects that achieve measurable positive impacts, regardless of scale. Corporate funding through CRTI can facilitate projects that cash-strapped communities simply can’t undertake alone. This situation leads to a win for corporations seeking to make demonstrable impacts to their sustainability goals and build their brand, a win for Chicago’s urban forest, and most importantly, a win for the communities served by the projects. 


CRTI projects have a positive impact on:

  • Air and water quality
  • Water conservation
  • Climate change
  • Energy conservation
  • Heat islands
  • Habitat and biodiversity
  • Human health and equity
  • Community engagement
  • And more



Let’s Get Started!

For more information and to discuss the numerous options available for corporate partnerships, please contact LeeAnn Kruszynski, Partnership Manager, at or 630-725-2119.


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