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OAKtober- Oak Awareness Month


October has been officially proclaimed OAKtober- Oak Awareness Month in Illinois. Learn how you can be a part of OAKtober by reading below!

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Want some help identifying the different oaks in our region? Check out this fun video from The Morton Arboretum!



Want to join in on the fun of OAKtober​?

Oaks represent strength and stature. In fact, the white oak is the Illinois State Tree! Majestic oaks create a sense of awe and wonder. These trees work for us by cleaning our air and water, reducing ambient air temperature and usage of energy. They reduce flooding and support our native wildlife. Our oaks, and trees in general, improve our well-being and support a sense of community.

Every individual, organization, community, park district, forest preserve, and public or private landowner or manager can play an important role in celebrating oaks and oak ecosystems across Illinois throughout the month of October— OAKtober! So, how can you be part of OAKtober?  Find out here.