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Stormwater Repository

The Calumet Stormwater Collaborative repository data and tools section provides accessible stormwater resources that can be useful for data analysis, mapping, and to design and calculate the benefits of stormwater BMPs. Hyperlinked names take you to each resource.

Sustaining America’s Urban Trees and Forests

Nowak, David J.; Stein, Susan M.; Randler, Paula B.; Greenfield, Eric J.; Comas, Sara J.; Carr, Mary A.; Alig, Ralph J. 2010. Sustaining America’s urban trees and forests: a Forests on the Edge report. Gen. Tech. Rep. NRS-62. Newtown Square, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station. 27 p. 

Close to 80 percent of the U.S. population lives in urban areas and depends on the essential ecological, economic, and social benefi ts provided by urban trees and forests. However, the distribution of urban tree cover and the benefi ts of urban forests vary across the United States, as do the challenges of sustaining this important resource. As urban areas expand across the country, the importance of the benefi ts that urban forests  provide, as well as the challenges to their conservation and maintenance, will increase. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the current status and benefits of America’s urban forests, compare differences in urban forest canopy cover among regions, and discuss challenges facing urban forests and their implications for urban forest management.

Chicago Wilderness Region Urban Forest Vulnerability Assessment and Synthesis: A Report From the Urban Forestry Climate Change Response Framework Chicago Wilderness Pilot Project

Report about the vulnerability of urban trees and natural and developed landscapes within the Chicago Wilderness region to proposed climate change conditions. Findings will aid in management decisions and long-term planning. Published by the USDA Forest Service and Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science and produced with help from Chicago Region Trees Initiative, The Morton Arboretum, Chicago Wilderness, The Field Museum, and The Chicago Botanic Garden.

Treesearch Beta

A USDA Forest Service online search engine that allows users to search for and share full text publications by research and development scientists in the USDA Forest Service and others. Includes guidance on how to use the search tool as well as a help page for further instruction.

Green Cities: Good Health

Website presents research on the effect of nature and green spaces in urban areas on human health and well-being. Users can search through specific research themes and view additional resources. Created with collaboration from University of Washington, USDA Forest Service, and Urban & Community Forestry.

Trees Pay Us Back

This USDA Forest Service web page includes link to two volumes. The first relates to i-Tree results from Minneapolis, MN and discusses the benefits of trees in the Midwest. The second involves tools to communicate tree values and a further look into the benefits of trees through research findings.

EcoShape User's Manual

A manual from Urban Forestry South and USDA Forest Service explaining how to download and use the EcoShape data conversion tool. The data conversion tool allows users to convert i-Tree Eco complete inventory data from an ESRI shapefile into an Eco database for processing.


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