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Planting Healthy Air

The Nature Conservancy's Planting Healthy Air report documents which cities stand to benefit most from tree plantings, in terms of both heat and PM reduction, and how much investment would be required to achieve meaningful benefits.
The analysis found that investing just US$4 per resident in each of these cities in tree planting efforts could improve the health of millions of people, and that trees are as cost-effective as many other common solutions.

Funding Trees for Health - Finance and Policy to Enable Tree Planting for Public Health

Every year, between 3 and 4 million people around the world die as a result of air pollution and its lifelong impacts on human health, from asthma to cardiac disease to strokes. Each summer, thousands of unnecessary deaths result from heat waves in urban areas. Studies have shown that trees are a cost-effective solution for both of these challenges. 

This report from The Nature Conservancy outlines steps that can be taken to improve funding for trees to improve public health.

Green Cities: Good Health

Website presents research on the effect of nature and green spaces in urban areas on human health and well-being. Users can search through specific research themes and view additional resources. Created with collaboration from University of Washington, USDA Forest Service, and Urban & Community Forestry.

Beneficios de los Árboles

Información sobre los beneficios de los árboles, incluyendo beneficios sociales, comunitarios, ambientales y económicos. La página también proporciona detalles sobre los árboles como inversiones. Proporcionado por International Society of Arboriculture y Asociación Española de Arboricultura.


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