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Treesearch Beta

A USDA Forest Service online search engine that allows users to search for and share full text publications by research and development scientists in the USDA Forest Service and others. Includes guidance on how to use the search tool as well as a help page for further instruction.

Green Cities: Good Health

Website presents research on the effect of nature and green spaces in urban areas on human health and well-being. Users can search through specific research themes and view additional resources. Created with collaboration from University of Washington, USDA Forest Service, and Urban & Community Forestry.

The Scientific Benefit of Trees: A Literature Review

An annotated bibliography from Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) containing tree benefits research findings with citations. Benefit categories include water, crime, physical health, financial, social/cultural, mortality, mental health, energy bills, and ecosystem services. Additionally, negatives and disadvantages of trees are mentioned. A printable PDF version is also available.

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