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New Jersey Developers' Green Infrastructure Guide

Developers understand that land development projects in New Jersey must be designed to “manage” stormwater runoff. NJ DEP regulations require that stormwater management standards be met through the use of “nonstructural strategies,” to the “maximum extent practicable.” Green infrastructure helps you, the developer, to do just that. This Developers’ Green Infrastructure Guide created by New Jersey Future and New Jersey Builders Association is meant as a resource to help you incorporate green infrastructure into your projects for maximum benefit.

People: Nurture & Nature

This report by Chicago Wilderness discusses the decline in children's outdoor play over the years as a result of technological advances. It also talks about nature-deficit disorder and why it is so important for children to have unstructured play in the outdoors. Lastly, it mentions how to get children outside and into nature and the benefits that will come from that. Produced with support from USDA Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and Chicago Zoological Society.

Planning the Urban Forest: Ecology, Economy, and Community Development

Report about urban forestry programs, the benefits and challenges of having one, and the principles that make it an effective program. Includes examples of case studies and recommendations based off of them. Report created with collaboration from the USDA Forest Service, American Planning Association, American Forests, and International Society of Arboriculture.

Planting Healthy Air

The Nature Conservancy's Planting Healthy Air report documents which cities stand to benefit most from tree plantings, in terms of both heat and PM reduction, and how much investment would be required to achieve meaningful benefits.
The analysis found that investing just US$4 per resident in each of these cities in tree planting efforts could improve the health of millions of people, and that trees are as cost-effective as many other common solutions.

Strategy Paper on Urban Forestry

This strategy paper introduces urban forestry, discusses the benefits provided by urban trees, and the importance of everyone, from park districts to municipalities to residential property owners, to work together to ensure the Chicago Metropolitan urban forest is more healthy and robust through 2040. The strategy paper was prepared for the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning by The Morton Arboretum and is available for download in its entirety.

Sustainable Design Guide

The available resources in this guide by the American Society of Landscape Architects include the health benefits of nature and sustainable community and residential design. There are also economic, social, and environmental sustainability toolkits available for use.

The Scientific Benefit of Trees: A Literature Review

An annotated bibliography from Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) containing tree benefits research findings with citations. Benefit categories include water, crime, physical health, financial, social/cultural, mortality, mental health, energy bills, and ecosystem services. Additionally, negatives and disadvantages of trees are mentioned. A printable PDF version is also available.

The Truth About Trees

The Truth About Trees is a documentary film series about the important roles trees have, threats that they face with climate change, and what is being done to provide hope for trees and forests. Website includes extra film clips, ways to get involved in helping create healthy and thriving forests, related news about trees, and details about each film in the series. Produced with support from the National Science Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, USDA Forest Service, and Bartlett Tree Experts.

Tree Guides

Links to tree guides that discuss tree planting and care for specific climate zones, how trees benefit the community, how to place trees so that they are cost-effective, and what species are best suited for urban areas. Also includes information on obtaining printed guides. Compiled by the USDA Forest Service.

Trees Pay Us Back

This USDA Forest Service web page includes link to two volumes. The first relates to i-Tree results from Minneapolis, MN and discusses the benefits of trees in the Midwest. The second involves tools to communicate tree values and a further look into the benefits of trees through research findings.

Urban Agriculture & Forestry Reports

Dovetail Partners recognizes the benefits that urban agriculture and urban forestry provide and highlights synergies that exist between the two fields.  Dovetail is interested in promoting land use research and planning and innovative programs that encourage and reward responsible land use activities. They are specifically interested in addressing and minimizing land use impacts on soil and water resources.