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Why the Chicago Region Needs Corporate Tree Planting

Urban trees are critical infrastructure, just like roads, storm sewers, or water mains. They provide countless benefits, including climate change mitigation, improved air and water quality, stormwater run-off reduction, cooler streets and buildings, improved mental and physical health, and wildlife habitat. 

However, the Chicago region’s tree canopy has been devastated by pests, disease, and suburban sprawl, leaving community tree coverage far below the national average for urban areas, resulting in far fewer benefits and services. The current state and cumulative loss in trees and green space is even more pronounced in underresourced, vulnerable communities, where systemic injustices and chronic underfunding have left many citizens without the health, environmental, and economic benefits of a robust tree canopy. 


Let’s Get Started!

For more information and to discuss the numerous options available for corporate partnerships, please contact LeeAnn Kruszynski, Partnership Manager, at or 630-725-2119.


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