Community Tree Network

Sharing expertise about trees helps everyone to create greener, healthier communities.

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CRTI’s Community Tree Network brings together experts and communities to share knowledge.

Across the greater Chicago region, there is a range of urban forestry expertise. Some cities and towns have forestry departments with certified arborists on staff, others have little to no forestry support. The Community Tree Network addresses this by offering peer-to-peer learning workshops several times a year. Each workshop features local professionals sharing their expertise and experiences. Community Tree Network workshops are free and open to the public. Non-forestry professionals such as members of tree commissions, forestry advocates, landscape architects, and public works staff are always welcome.

The goal of the Community Tree Network is to help people:

  • Implement or improve local urban forestry operations by using the best practices for tree planting, tree care, and related issues,
  • Understand and articulate the benefits of trees so that they can advocate for urban forestry funding and staffing in their communities, and
  • Create a regional network of tree experts to address the complex urban forestry challenges that cut across our municipal borders.