Become a Partner

Everyone can be a partner in improving the health and the equitable distribution of the tree canopy in the Chicago region!

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Who can be a partner?

Lead partners are ‘leading’ organizations, agencies, associations, and governmental agencies with a vested interest in the Chicago region and the health of the tree canopy. These partners serve on the Executive Advisory Council. They guide the direction of CRTI. Lead partners must designate a representative, at the executive level, to serve on the CRTI Executive Advisory Council. Lead partners are voted in by members of the Executive Advisory Council.

Partners, including lead partners, are governments, organizations, agencies, associations, individuals, and landowners and managers willing to support and improve the health of the region’s trees.

Partners must commit to supporting the CRTI effort through at least one of the following actions:

  1. Participation as an active member of a work group.
  2. Invest staff time and/or other resources that will help achieve the goals outlined in the CRTI Master Plan.
  3. Commit to specific activities, of their choosing, that can have a positive impact on the region’s trees and help meet the regional goals.

Fill out this form to commit to actions that will ensure that trees are healthier, more abundant, more diverse, and more equitably distributed to provide needed benefits to all people and communities in the Chicago region.