Supporting the Chicago region forest

CRTI relies on your support to ensure a mature, sustainable regional forest contributing to a healthier, more climate-resilient, and equitable future for the people of the Chicago region. Your contributions fund high-impact projects and programs that build neighborhood capacity to plant and care for trees, support volunteer planting events, ensure the continuity of contract growing programs for climate-resilient trees available to under-resourced communities,  and more.

Inspire Action

CRTI helps people take action in their communities, resulting in improved quality of life. We have identified under-resourced neighborhoods and work with them to achieve their own community visions.

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Your donation will make a direct impact to improve the Chicago region forest.

Increase the Chicago Region’s Tree Canopy

We need your support to purchase and plant trees where they’re needed most so they can provide necessary benefits and services. CRTI works with schools, local governments, business, and nonprofit organizations to educate them about the benefits trees provide and how to plant and care for trees.

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Reduce Threats to Trees

Mature trees provide more benefits. CRTI helps protect the benefits that trees provide, by training professionals, volunteers, and landowners to properly select, plant, and care for trees so they mature and thrive. We train landowners and managers to use climate adaptation strategies to improve climate resilience. Our research helps to identify and address threats to trees, including invasive species, pests, disease, and climate change. 

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Protect Our Native Oak Ecosystem Heritage

CRTI collaborates with managers of natural areas, equipping them to engage landowners. By partnering together we can manage and protect rare and valuable native ecosystems.

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Thank You for Your Support

Your gift will help us reach our goal of a healthier, more diverse, more equitable forest by 2050!

All donations are processed through The Morton Arboretum’s secure donation website. All funds go directly to CRTI. The Morton Arboretum is a nonprofit organization and founding partner of CRTI.