2050 Master Plan for Trees

A strategy to preserve, protect, and grow a healthy and resilient urban forest.

The Master Plan

In 2019, CRTI developed a comprehensive Master Plan to ensure that trees are healthier, more abundant, more diverse, and more equitably distributed to provide needed benefits to people and communities across the Chicago region by 2050.

Each of the CRTI Work Groups has identified specific tactics to support successful achievement of this Master Plan. These tactics relate to each group’s area of focus: stewardship and planting; green infrastructure, policy, and native ecosystems; forest composition and analysis; and risk assessment and management. Accomplishment of the tactics will result in successful achievement of the Master Plan goals and outcomes.

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Key Goals

• Inspire people to value trees
• Increase the Chicago region’s tree canopy
• Reduce threats to trees
• Enhance oak ecosystems

Expected Outcomes

• Improved tree health
• Improved urban forest policy
• Increased funding for urban forestry
• Integration of science

Studies show that the size and health of the tree canopy directly relates to the benefits and services these trees provide.

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