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Help track the growth of the region’s canopy!

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The Canopy Counts Program provides a simple and fun tool for residents to help their communities track trees and tree-ready spaces across the Chicago region, while learning more about the benefits provided by those trees.

Through the program, you can learn more about the trees in your neighborhood and add data about newly planted and existing trees. This information will help CRTI and your local government and community organizations understand how best to care for trees so they provide the most benefits for our neighborhoods. Once you’ve recorded trees, check back in August each year — Tree Check Month — to share how those trees are doing!

We’ve provided a simple form that will automatically insert the trees you add to the Canopy Counts map. Search the map to see what’s been added previously.

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Add A Tree

Ready to give it a shot? Use the form below to add trees to the Canopy Counts Program map.

On the form,  record the species if you know it or select “unknown,” whether it’s a new or existing tree, whether it’s a multi-stem or single-stem tree, the tree’s trunk size as Diameter at Breast Height (DBH), and location. You can add up to two pictures, which can include the full tree, a close-up of an interesting feature, or the smiling faces of volunteers who got the tree into the ground.

If you think you know the species, you can select the matching species then add your level of certainty about that identification. You can also add a species that isn’t on the list by typing selecting “other,” which will prompt you to fill in the blank. If you don’t know the species, select unknown.

To measure the diameter, use a tape measure. If you don’t have a tape measure to measure diameter, you can estimate it (for instance, whether it’s the size of a basketball or a baseball).

Check back here for tree updates. You’ll be able to submit updates for existing trees, including new photos, with a special form. It’s a great way to watch the progress of the trees in your yard, neighborhood, and community. Details to come seasonally.

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