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Find trusted information on selecting, planting, and caring for trees and for hiring a qualified arborist.

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Your yard matters! Seventy percent of trees are on private property in the Chicago region.

Use the curated resources below to help you select, plant, and care for trees. Browse by topic to find the information you need to improve your portion of the regional forest.

Pick the right tree for your site.

You’ve decided to plant a tree and now you need to pick the right one. Consider planting trees that will add diversity to your community. Choose trees that are suited to your site. These resources will help you make the best decision for your needs.

Buying High-Quality Trees (International Society of Arboriculture) Discover guidelines for determining tree quality at time of purchase and for identifying problems with tree structure, roots, and injuries.

Find It Locally Page (Green Industry Association, Once you know what tree you’d like to plant, find a local retailer.

Right Tree in the Right Place (Arbor Day Foundation) Find tips for selecting the right tree for your site.

Search Trees and Plants (The Morton Arboretum) Use the website to learn about plants’ needs, including sun, moisture, and size restrictions. Native plants are identified.

Set your tree up for success.

Trees are an investment in the future of your home and family. Spend time planting your tree correctly to support healthy growth and avoid future problems.

Avoiding Tree and Utility Conflicts (Green Industry Association, Learn how and why to avoid utility lines while digging; learn why it’s important to choose trees with utility lines in mind. Check out these tips for avoiding conflicts.

Planting Details and Specifications (International Society of Arboriculture) Use these peer-reviewed set of details and specifications in AutoCAD, PDF, and Microsoft Word formats for the green industry.

Proper Tree Planting (Green Industry Association,  Follow these steps and you will nurture a healthy, vibrant tree that will provide years of outdoor enjoyment and sanctuary.

Care for your trees for a healthier canopy.

After trees are planted, they require continuous care to reach their mature size and provide their mature benefits. Mulching, watering, and strategically pruning your trees will improve their health and give you a chance to check them for symptoms of stress, diseases, or pests.

Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction (International Society of Arboriculture) Use these precautions to protect trees from damage on and near construction sites.

Caring for Trees Before and After Storms (The Morton Arboretum) Severe storms are becoming more frequent as the climate changes. Follow these tips to plan ahead and reduce the risk of tree damage.

Proper Mulching (Green Industry Association, Follow these guidelines to mulch trees properly.

Pruning Evergreens (The Morton Arboretum) Learn how and when to prune evergreen trees.

Pruning Young Trees (International Society of Arboriculture) Learn about pruning young trees to ensure structural integrity as they mature.

The Plant Clinic (The Morton Arboretum) Call, visit, or email to receive expert advice and get answers to your questions.

Tree Owners Manual (USDA Forest Service) Learn everything you need to know about caring for your tree from planting to maturity.

University of Illinois Extension Plant Clinic Learn what disease is affecting your tree by sending in a sample for testing.

Hire a professional with confidence.

The cost of poor tree care can be greater in the long run than the savings of doing it yourself. Arborists are experts who’ve received considerable training, often have degrees in forestry, and are required to keep themselves educated in the science of tree care to maintain their certifications. If you are unsure about aspects of caring for your trees, can’t prune branches with your feet on the ground, or have specific concerns, hiring an arborist is a good move.

Find an Arborist (International Society of Arboriculture) Look up arborists near you.

Hiring a Tree Care Company (Tree Care Industry Association) Get guidance on picking the right tree care company to manage your trees.

Why Hire an Arborist (International Society of Arboriculture) Learn why hiring a certified arborist is the best choice for any tree work.