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Leading the way to a healthy, sustainable, equitable Chicago region forest

The urban forest is threatened by climate change, pests, disease, invasive plants, and improper tree maintenance.

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Priority Issues

CRTI uses data to map and prioritize the communities in the Chicago region with the greatest need for improved tree canopy cover. Explore our data and interactive maps to get a summary of your community’s tree canopy. And take an in-depth look at the data layers that include: tree canopy, surface temperature, flood risk, air quality, and vulnerable populations.

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Chicago Region Tree Census

The trees and forests of the Chicago region are important natural resources that contribute substantially to the health and quality of life for 9 million residents in 284 municipalities. According to the 2020 Chicago Region Tree Census, the region’s trees provide more than $416 million in crucial ecosystem benefits annually to residents of the seven-county Chicago region, including pollution removal, stormwater management, energy savings, and more.

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Environmental Equity

Equity is at the heart of the Chicago Region Trees Initiative’s goals. CRTI has identified where the challenges of a low canopy are most prevalent, and is working with vulnerable communities to address these issues.

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A Plan for Progress

The CRTI Master Plan was released in 2019 and lays out a comprehensive vision for tree health and related issues, with the goal of producing healthier outcomes for both trees and communities across the Chicago region by 2050. An updated progress report will be available in 2023.

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