Plant Trees for Communities

One tree was planted for every Chicago community in 2021.

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A total of 165 communities planted a tree in 2021 as part of our Plant Trees for Communities initiative.

The Chicago Region Trees Initiative recognizes the current challenges that we all face and wants to help communities look to a brighter future with the planting of a tree—a tangible symbol of hope. Thanks to generous donors, we were able to provide trees to communities in need.

The Plant Trees for Communities initiative is the first step toward our common goal to rebuild the Chicago region’s urban forest to improve our quality of life. With the help of partners like you, we will build a stronger, healthier, and more equitable future for the Chicago region.

Toolkit for communities participating in the Plant Trees for Communities initiative.

Thank you for being a part of the Plant Trees for Communities initiative. It would not be possible without you and the other communities in the Chicago region!

Now that you have your tree, it’s important to take care of it so that it reaches maturity and provides all the great benefits it can. Below are resources to help you:

Accordion List

  • Learn how to plant, mulch and water your tree. Follow the tree planting instructions carefully—planting your tree too low will kill your tree. Be sure to water your tree, but read the instructions carefully because you can water too little or too much. Mulch keeps the roots cooler and helps them hold moisture. Give your tree a good start!

  • We have provided an 11” by 17” tree tag and degradable twine for you to hang on your tree. Please tie the tag to the tree. Don’t forget to go back and take the tag down in a week or two. We don’t want the tags to become litter. You can use the tag again in future years if you want to repeat this opportunity.

  • We have provided draft language for a proclamation recognizing the value and benefits trees provide to our communities.

  • We have provided a draft press release template so you can showcase your participation in the planting event.

  • Your tree comes with a USDA Forest Service Tree Owner’s Manual.  Please take the time to get to know how to care for your tree (and the rest of the trees in your community).  This tree, with proper care, can live and be enjoyed for generations to come.