Tree Risk Toolkit

Work with elected officials to reduce tree risk.

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Just like other infrastructure, trees in urban areas need people to maintain and protect them.

The CRTI Tree Risk Toolkit was developed by forestry professionals to help land managers reduce tree risk by establishing better and more efficient forestry practices.

The Tree Risk Toolkit includes several resources to help you run a more efficient and safe forestry program in your community.

What is Tree Risk?

Tree risk is the combination of the chances that a tree will fail and the severity of the consequences if a tree does fail. Every tree has the potential to fail and cause damage, but it is possible to manage that risk by providing routine care and inspection of your trees. If properly managed, the value of the benefits provided by trees far outweighs the potential risks and costs.

How to Reduce Tree Risk

Depending on the number of trees you manage, there are many ways to reduce tree risk.

Land managers, share these resources with your elected officials.

Use these items to advocate for more funding for your trees.

Accordion List

  • This four minute video can be shared with your elected officials to bring to their attention the need and benefits of tree risk management. We recommend sharing it at a board meeting.

  • Letters for municipal and park district staff, residents, and elected officials with explanation of how to use the CRTI Tree Risk Toolkit.

  • This handout is designed to accompany the video described above, with key points identified to help you remember the take-aways during subsequent conversations.